Robert Gordon Orr

Bobby Orr - The Goal
Born in Parry Sound in 1948, Robert Gordon Orr, “Bobby” began skating at the age of four when he acquired his first pair of skates from a family friend. The Seguin River became Bobby's rink of choice where he'd spend hour after hour practicing his skating and stick handling playing Shinny. If that was not enough, he would spend another hour nightly practicing that lethal shot in his garage.

Bobby began playing organized hockey at age five, where he leapfrogged through the levels and by the age of twelve was playing against young adults 4 years his elder. Bobby's role model was Montreal Canadien defenseman Terry Harper. It is said, Bobby liked to watch a defenseman who was an offensive threat. While Bobby was in kindergarten, he began playing in the Parry Sound Minor Squirt Hockey League. By the age of 9 he had won the MVP in the Pee-Wee Division. He may have been smaller than the other boys, but not in heart and he knew he would have to develop a strong body to keep up with the bigger kids.

Bobby excelled on the local playing fields, and on the ice where he quickly became recognized as one of hockey’s greatest young prospects; but his boyhood teammates, family and friends soon said farewell.