Thank you for logging on to the Bobby Orr Hall of Fame website. By exploring the many links provided on this site you will be able to gain a feeling of what it is that makes our Hall of Fame so unique. Located along side the Stockey Centre for the Performing Arts in my hometown of Parry Sound, Ontario, the Hall has a wonderful collection of past and present sports information that will appeal to a wide range of people.

Whether it’s the Trophy room, Coaches corner, or Hometown zone, all of our visitors will find something of interest to read and learn about. On a personal note, one of my favourite parts of the Hall can be seen in the interactive activities that both young and old may participate in, testing both their skills and sports knowledge.

The Hall also recognizes the outstanding athletic and community achievements of many of the citizenry of Parry Sound and surrounding area. Each year we hold an induction ceremony where a new list of members is admitted to the Hall. This has become a significant event for our community, and I am proud to be associated with these many fine men and women who are so worthy of our praise and thanks.

Here’s hoping that you enjoy your tour of the Hall through this website, and please come and visit us in person. All of us are looking forward to having you in Parry Sound very soon.

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